Hello and welcome to our site! The official Candidate website for Marlene Carlson for Will County Circuit Clerk for the General Election cycle on November 8, 2016.

In the next few paragraphs, it is not our intention to bog you down with boring political jargon, however, we feel that it is important that we make the case for why the Will County Circuit Clerk's office needs new experienced leadership from a political outsider, and why Marlene Carlson should be our next Circuit Clerk in 2017.

First, we'll outline a few factoids about the Will County Circuit Clerk's office, we'll share some electronic (e-file) history with you, and then we'll bring you to present day 2016, where we will discuss the issues with our courtsystem, a small discussion about the current administration and their wannbe successor, and sum things up about the new courthouse and our goals for the future.

The Court Clerk is a constitutional officer elected every four years by the voters of Will County. The duties and responsibilities of the Circuit Court Clerk are established by state statute, the Illinois Supreme Court and the local rules of the 12th Judicial Circuit.

The Circuit Clerk's primary function is to establish, maintain and keep all records of the court and the official court seal. In addition, the Court Clerk serves as the administrative arm of the Court and is responsible for all financial duties relating to the Court system. All monies owed to the Court are collected and distributed by the Circuit Clerk.

E-File (paperless) filing in the Circuit Courts began on September 19, 2002, when the Illinois Supreme Court approved the electronic filing of court documents in civil cases in the circuit courts on a pilot basis, effective January 1, 2003. During the pilot, a total of five counties were approved to operate electronic filing pilots: Cook, DuPage, Madison, St. Clair, and Will.

In November 2012, the Supreme Court approved Electronic Filing Guidelines (Guidelines) to be used to guide the Circuit Courts through an application process for implementing an e-filing program.

Currently, 14 Illinois counties have applied and been approved to conduct electronic filing programs under the E-filing Standards: Clinton, Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Kendall, Lake, Madison, Marion, McHenry, Montgomery, Moultrie, Sangamon, St. Clair and Winnebago. One Illinois county, "Will County", is still running as an E-filing Pilot Project.


If you pay taxes in Will County and care where your money goes, that IS the question we need to ask our incumbent Will County Circuit Clerk, who has decided to retire after 20 years of service. The irony of it all is that she has been grooming a proxy/successor of her own, who has no experience in electronic document recording or e-file, no information systems (IT) experience, and has never manged complex projects or budgets. This person is truely a hand picked insider with limited qualifications, virtually no voting record, and was endorsed by her party. This is regardless of the fact that other Democratic candidates, like Bob Enright who ran for this office in the primary, who had far superior qualifications than our opponent, an IT Engineer and US Army Vet with with a solid track record. It is obvious to conclude at this point that all the establishment wants is to maintain power, and to them qualifications don't matter. To us John Q Public Will County Taxpayers, however, think that's just dead wrong! We also deem it appropriate to coin the same phrase of our opponent's Democratic primary election rival, when he said, "The Status Quo Has Got To Go."

On the lighter side of things we'd like to close our opening arguments with some good news! Will County will be getting a new courthouse to the tune of about $150-200 million dollars and we are getting this courthouse without raising taxes! We are very excited about our new construction project to solve the problem with lack of courtrooms, state approved judges, and overcrowding. The other critical component looming over our heads for years is that we must tackle and resolve is e-file issue. Vote for Marlene Carlson for Will County Circuit Clerk in 2016 and lets get our county courtsystem back on track! Click here to view latest video update on our new courthouse.

Exciting News About Our Courthouse!



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