Hello and welcome to our site! The official Candidate website for Marlene Carlson for Will County Circuit Clerk for the General Election cycle on November 8, 2016.

The Circuit Clerk is a constitutional officer elected every four years by the voters of Will County. The duties and responsibilities of the Circuit Court Clerk are established by state statute, the Illinois Supreme Court and the local rules of the 12th Judicial Circuit.

The Circuit Clerk's primary function is to establish, maintain and keep all records of the court and the official court seal. In addition, the Court Clerk serves as the administrative arm of the Court and is responsible for all financial duties relating to the Court system. All monies owed to the Court are collected and distributed by the Circuit Clerk.

Why Marlene Carlson is running for Will County Circuit Clerk in November 2016? Because she would like to give back to her community and county by bringing common sense changes to our court system. She'd use her 20 years of technical and business leadership experience to help better manage our court system, be fair to our Circuit Clerk employees, and to properly lead e-filing initiatives established by state statute, without costing taxpayers a fortune.


Our Pledge To Will County:

* Expand and improve out court services to the public

* Use technology to create around-the-clock access

* Modernize our courts without raising taxes

* Be fiscally accountable and responsible


Will County's New Courthouse!

We are excited to announce that Will County will be getting a new courthouse! Construction will begin in late 2017 and is projected for completion by 2020-2021. This new construction project will solve the problem with lack of courtrooms, resulting in the shortage of state approved judges; this will also solve the overcrowding problem at our courthouse. The other critical component looming over our heads for years is that we must make it our goal to optomize the e-file (paperless) process making it easier to do business in our courts.

Vote for Marlene Carlson for Will County Circuit Clerk on November 8th 2016 and lets get our county courtsystem back on track! Click here to view latest video update on our new courthouse.




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